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Im quitting art now. Pls blame tumblr user strixes

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What do you consider "productive" art? Also what did you draw everyday? I'm curious, was it fundamentals? What tips do you have for people who want to start taking art seriously, but just isn't sure what to sketch or draw as practice?

I think “productive” art is a very bad term, actually. I use it as a blanket statement for all the stuff that art instructors and art tips online tell you to do. Life drawing, material studies, figure drawing, perspective training, sighting, so on so forth. Fundamentals, yeah. 

I think the reason its been drilled into my head as “productive art”, is because every art instructor I’ve ever had has told me over and over again that everything else I loved to draw was complete trash. And its true. It doesn’t matter how much third-grade-Me loved my dumb scythe-tail bastet monster with a ginormous forehead, its all bull until I have the skill to render it convincingly. Yet still, I was filled with this sense of guilt and frustration that everything I enjoyed drawing—fantasy characters, sci-fi, creatures—was not real art. I did it anyway though because I was stubborn. And that’s what I drew every day. 

If you want to start taking art seriously, probably don’t make that mistake! I say maintain a balance of both. Don’t deprive yourself of what you love to draw,but make sure you don’t neglect fundamentals. Its like dessert vs vegetables. Warm up with gestures or something before you draw an actual person or animal, it’ll make the actual drawing better.

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YO! During the time when you were improving massively, how many hours would you say you spent drawing/learning weekly? How the heckz did you do it while gaming as well?!?! Also, GRATZ ON RIOT INTERN!


I didn’t keep track, but definitely a lot. Basically every waking moment in some form. It wasn’t “good” learning though, I never wanted to do productive art. It’s honestly a miracle I’ve improved at all. I remember my art teacher asked me to do a little solo exhibition series for the art show in middle school and I was so excited cause I was like “YEA!! IM GONNA DRAW A TON OF DRAGONS!” and she said she wanted to see life drawings and sceneries and stuff and I was so angry. But I did it anyway.

Gaming actually hurt my improvement I think. During my biggest improvement years I only played it lightly. Console games are less time consuming imo than PC (stuff like elder scrolls aside). Once I got into MMORPGs, MOBAs, online stuff…man my productivity took a swandive. 

I had more time back in the day as well. And I was less afraid because I couldn’t see all the flaws in my art. I also had a closeknit group of friends that all liked to draw and come up with world-building ideas and that was a very enthusiastic environment. I don’t know about you but I feel like the older I get the lonelier I am online. I haven’t really found an art community to fit in since.

Some of the card designs/gauges for tha board game, Godstruct. 

This was kind of an interesting experience because it felt a lot like UI design, which I never really did before. Also it was done on an extremely crunched schedule which means a lot of improvisation. Stuff also required a lot of reworking because of gameplay changes, and at one point we went overbudget and had to refactor/replace a lot of the assets. For example, the gauges (last picture) used to be horizontal like actual power bars, but are now card-like with round slots to fit the energy crystals that players will put in them. Overall, I’m just glad this project is over!

tl;dr: The character portraits from a while ago have fancy borders now

I have an OCD with organization I’m sorry


So I have a tumblr where I just post artists I like-

This rad as all get out person inspired me to seek out other artists on tumblr, so I’m gonna do that for awhile. A tumblr for tumblrs.

Also to answer the how many tumblrs I have question.

-Too many.

Everyone who’s looking for artist recs, check this out. Also if you aren’t looking for artist recs, check this out. Links to a lot of cool art blogs, both on tumblr and off!

Anonymous asked:
I just found you and I'm soo happy I did. Your art is WICKED AMAZING. AND BEAUTIFUL! Instant follow. It's also so cool to find out you're female, cause I'm one and I want to do concept art in the game industry too so.. you're just a HUGE inspiration man!! One thing I wanna ask is how did you go about studying anatomy? I've been drawing from anatomy books, doing gesture drawings for months and it still feels like I've made no improvement. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any tips? Thanks

Funny thing is, I never really realized there aren’t a lot of female artists in the vidya game concept art industry until relatively recently. I was going through my favorite artist list the other day and out of maybe 25 professionals or so only two were female (LD Austin and Naomi Chen).  And going through CGHub back when it was alive it occurred to me pretty much everyone’s a dude. But there’s metric tons of female artists on the internet, at least I think the majority of artists I see on tumblr are female.  I’ve always viewed tumblr as a generally female site so maybe the stats are all skewed though. In any case, I’m glad you want to work in the vidya games! 

As for your question about anatomy: I consider myself still learning so take everything with a grain of salt. But in terms of stuff that personally helps me on my personal quest:

1) Figure drawing. I noticed that I tend to draw better in general when Im doing figure drawing on a regular basis (sadly, most recently I havent had the luck) I hope you’re doing those gestures from real naked people!

2) Figure out what youre weak at/what confuses you and focus on it. “Hey I actually don’t know the muscular structure of the arm. Time to learn it”

3) Look at references when you feel stuck. 

4) This is kind of weird, but 3-D model/clay-model a realistic human body. Attempt to model a human body. This is something I’ve been doing for a class project and it actually kinda helps me, I think. It doesnt matter if it looks like shit or if you fail (mine looks like shit and I think I failed), it really helps you get a sense of how the forms fit together. You’ll be spending hours rotating a grey block around and trying to shape out all the muscles. Those hours of rotating and shaping help you understand all the different parts from different angles.

After all, drawing is building in 3-D, except in 2-D. If that makes any sense. I don’t know why people keep asking me for advice. everything I say sounds really stoned

Anonymous asked:
Hello! I recently found and fell in love with your blog. I know you're probably sick of questions like these, but I'm training hard to meet the requirements to attend CSSSA, and I wanted to know if there's an age limit? I'm 19 currently, hopefully planning to try and apply by age 21. Also, did you have to stay in the dorms there, or could you room with a relative/friend nearby?? Thank you, and sorry for bothering you!

This is such a late reply, I’m very sorry but Ive been held up these few weeks (I’m trying to get through my ask box right now). I hope my answer will still be relevant to you. 

I think CSSSA is a precollege program so if you’re 19 you might be too old. My memory might be wrong though. If you’re senior year in high school it should be alright. Then again, its been so long.

You stay in the CalArts dorms. I don’t remember if its required or whether you can choose to stay at home if you want, but I assume they would want you to stay in the dorms for the experience. The dorms are decent. Not a fan of sharing 1 bathroom between two 3-4-person rooms, but you get used to it.  

Anonymous asked:
Hello there. Words cannot describe the amount of awe I feel for your artwork and designs. But the main question I have is, do you mind me asking where you've gotten those delicious looking sushi burritos? I live around L.A. myself, but have yet to come across a restaurant that serves those. Thank you very much and please keep doing the awesome job that you do. :)

Most sushi burritos are from food trucks. The most well known in LA is Jogasaki Burrito I think. They have a twitter that will notify you of their location. I’ve actually never had Jogasaki but I hope to try it soon.

I usually eat Kimbobrex cause they come around my area. They are good! 

Also in San Francisco there is an actually restaurant for it called Sushirrito. They close so early though, so you have to go pretty early during the day.

Anonymous asked:
Are you and Gen dating?

In fact we are married. He is third trimester mpreg. 

Anonymous asked:
have people been openly sexist to you about you being a woman in the gaming industry?

Yes and no.

I am lucky to not experience sexual harassment because I am simply not very hot. It’s actually something I’m fine with. I try to stay somewhat presentable for the sake of respect, but plain enough that no one wants to be anything more than friends or coworkers with me. If you’re very boring in terms of outwards appearance it also makes your art stand out more, I think. lol. Mindgames

In terms of playing games, I usually don’t state my gender so I’m auto-assumed male and left alone. I always see female players harrassed, or shitty things said about women in general though. That’s the thing I can’t stand about the gaming community/industry, not personally-directed sexism but sexist statements/actions made about other women/women as a whole. Wherever I go, there’s always somebody saying something ignorant or biased about women and it can feel so draining and hopeless. At the same time, the clamoring social justice movement at times makes me feel drained and hopeless as well.

In terms of making games, nobody questions my ability/capability due to my gender. I’m lucky enough to be studying game design in a really supportive and open environment that doesnt stand for prejudice against any race, gender or background. Also the good thing about being in art is that your work will speak for itself. 

But I do worry about style and subject matter. I hate it when people are like “girls draw a certain way” “guys are better than girls at drawing this, and girls are better than guys at drawing this”, or “girls like to draw this and guys like to draw this”. And you know why I hate it? Cause often it seems TRUE! I never see girls draw mechs! I never see guys dedicate themselves to drawing cuteness the way girls do. I see some girls draw nothing but a ton of pretty faces. I see some guys draw nothing but hot girls. I can usually discern the gender of a young artist by the way they depict the opposite gender, aside from Asian concept artists cause jesus its legitimately impossible. Of course there will always be exceptions. I’ve seen a lot of exceptions. But Ive also seen a lot of art. And a pattern does exist in what Ive seen.

And it freaks me out. And it makes me paranoid. If I’m assigned something cute, Im like “is it coincidence? Is it because they think I as a female would be better at cute?” or if I draw something cute, would they think “of course she would want to make it cute! She’s a girl!”? Like goddamn. I actually don’t like cute things. I don’t want to be misunderstood or judged because of my gender! At the same time, I don’t know if people are actually judging or whether it’s all in my head, cause this isn’t stuff they’re going to outwardly tell you. Maybe I’m the one that’s sexist.

Remember this dude? Maybe not? Well he’s in the game too! A neutral boss monster.

Model by Povilas Selila, animation by Matthew Ng

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